We have a Bowie knife Competition each year. Competition is held in San Angelo, Tx at Fort Concho  in Dec .  Bowie Knives are hand made, one knife each year. Each competitor cuts a water bottle, rope cut, point stick, and cuts an oat stake 2 in wide in half. After all that your bowie must cut 3 slices off  a sheet of paper.

                                          Upcoming  Events

                             Cactus Market Days
3rd Sat of each month. Across from Cactus Hotel. Hours 10AM TILL 5PM. Come on out. All kinds of Vendors.
For info Call Judy at 949-6200 or 234-5566

Hopefully these shows will Happen

2022 Events
Ballinger Show Sept 17 & 18
San Angelo Gun Show Sept 24 & 25
Fort Stockton Show Oct 29 & 30
Abilene Show Dec 3 & 4
Fredricksburg Show Dec 17 & 18

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